First, what is Xeriscaping? Derived from the Greek word “Xeros”, “Xeri” meaning dry and “scape” meaning a scene we can translate this to mean “dry scene”. Simply this is interpreted to be a garden or landscape using slow-growing and drought tolerant plants to conserve water and reduce plant/yard trimmings. Did you know that over 50% of residential water consumption is applied to landscapes and lawns?

Second, what are the benefits of Xeriscaping? By using Xeriscaping you can reduce landscape water use by 50-75%. Through proper design and selection of plants you can reduce the amount of resources needed to maintain it and the amount of waste it produces as well. Utilizing Central Texas native plants can eliminate the use of chemical products to keep away pests! casino online At the same time, native plants provide cover and natural habitat for wildlife. No longer having to power up the lawn mower also reduces the amount of fossil fuels we use at home. Most of all, the cost process of Xeriscaping is outweighed by the increase in property value.

Third, can we create a garden that can withstand drought without sacrificing beauty? Xeriscaping is not only functional, but it can add color and variety to any landscape. Drought resistant plants tend to have small leaves, and are both thick and glossy, silver grey or fuzzy in appearance. With the exception of Vous decouvrirez sur les casino online verifications 3eme partie le casino en ligne internet recoit (et si oui ou non ils publient ouvertement les resultats ou autrement) des taux de paiement et casino online / ou meme les machines de nombres aleatoires leurs jeux utilisent. the Knockout Rose, drought resistant flowering plants tend to have many smaller blooms showing vibrant color. Some good examples of Central Texas drought tolerant flowering plants are Lantana, certain Salvia varieties, Knockout Roses, Verbena, Mexican Heather and certain Daisy varieties. Xeriscaping doesn’t mean planting Central Texas native plants only, there are many drought tolerant plants native to other “Mediterranean” climates like Southern Europe, South Africa, North Africa, Western Asia and Australia. There are growing numbers of nurseries that are specializing in Xeriscape plants.

Without being able to control the amount of rainfall, water restrictions are on the rise. Not only can we not water as often, the cost of water is rising as well. You can start saving water and money with Xeriscaping! Help the community, and ultimately yourself, by saving our resources. Conserve now, so we don’t run out later!

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